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One way Septic
One way Septic

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When septic systems are not routinely cleaned in the 3-5 year recommendation guidelines, costly repairs can arise. It's important to keep your systems cleaned by the professionals as recommended to prevent backups, wet spots in your yard, or drain field failure. Count on the expertise of One Way Septic to offer you the right septic services! Our preventative maintenance can keep from ruining your home.

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The EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) Says Upkeep of Your Septic System Comes Down to 4 Key Elements

Inspect and Pump Frequently

Use Water Efficiently

Properly Dispose of Waste

Maintain Your Drain Field


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Our professional service technicians are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will quickly dispatch someone to your location.

One way Septic

Our Septic and Sewer Maintenance / Repairs

Pumping Septic Tank

Septic Tank Service

Install New Drain-Field System

ATU System Repairs

Aerobic Septic System Repairs

Drip Meter System Repairs

Replacing Baffle T's

Install Cleanouts

Septic Main Lines

Tail-Out Pipe Repairs

Install Risers

Septic Lid Replacements

Repairing or Replacing Field Lines

Repairing or Replacing Sewer Lines

Clogged Pipe

Jetting Main Lines

Jetting Septic Lines

Jetting Sewer Lines

Camera Sewer Pipe

Helping Homeowners Understand A Septic System

Helping Homeowners Understand Septic Tank Size

Home Inspection Letters & More!

Our Process

One way Septic

Septic and Sewer​

Routine maintenance, backups, overflows, blockages, toilet not flushing, wet spot over septic tank, root problems, wet spots in yard, inspection letters or helping you know how big your septic tank is- we've got your septic and sewer service needs covered!

One way Septic

We Arrive Within 1 Hour

We know your time is valuable. So, instead of having you wait all day on a service technician to arrive, we will give you a call one hour before our arrival.

One way Septic

We Solve Your Problem

From a simple septic tank pumping service to a drain-field repair, or new field line, we can solve your problem and have your septic and sewer line up and running again! We are just a hassle free call away.

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